Digital Journey

Digital journeys that build awareness, credibility, conversions and generate revenue

Integrated global campaigns

  • We analyze the components of your international markets to help you prioritize your efforts and investments
  • We locate and transcreate your communications worldwide to adapt, when necessary, ,to local cultures and market constraints
  • We deploy international communications/ marketing strategies, from awareness to lead generation, combining above and below-the-line programs
  • We carry out studies and deploy localized action plans thanks to the WPI 32 B2B agencies, the 10th worldwide network and the 1st network of independent agencies.

Alignment of Digital Marketing and Sales

  • We define your digital relational strategies: personas, journey, contents, technological tools
  • We create tailor-made workshops to help marketing and sales teams to invent new collaborations
  • We optimize the use of technological platforms by creating interfaces to streamline prospect and customer journeys.

Sites web expérienciels

  • We help you define the strategy and goals of your websites.
  • We create sites that, in their design, their look & feel and their functionality, map out conversion paths in line with your objectives.
  • We bring together and pilot the expert teams needed to create your sites, corporate, content or e-commerce. From site map to go live.
  • We set up measuring instruments for the performance of your web spaces

Marketing Automation

  • We help you choose the platform that best suits your needs and your context
  • We support you in your database strategy
  • We set up the selected platform: settings, interfacing with your touch digital points and CRM (if any), scoring and dashboards
  • We train your staff on relationship marketing and technically
  • We design campaigns and scenarios needed to achieve your marketing goals
  • We produce the assets and content pieces
  • We set up the campaigns and scenarios
  • We operate for you every day, in France and abroad, on the main platforms of the market

Why Aressy?

  • Expert in BtoB integrated marketing

  • Hybrid Team: Consulting, Creative and Technical

  • French agency with global reach

  • Exclusive ``Digital Journey`` method



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Head of Digital Journey

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