Content Activation

Content strategies to emerge, engage and transform

Content experience data + SEO driven

  • We build your editorial line
  • We write your contents
  • We product energing formats, video, rich media
  • We identify semantic fields at SEO service
  • We animate your blog, website, digital and editorial platform
  • We optimize approachs to respect Google SEO requirements
  • We arouse interest and commitment

INBOUND + ABM approach

  • We know attract naturally to better convince
  • We are also pro-activ by combining In & Out
  • We boost ROI by an increased inbound
  • We have exclusive partnerships with the biggest BtoB content editor
  • Our ABM strategies (Account Based Marketing) are fully adapted to sales’ objectives
  • Our integrated desk media automates an e-mailing retargeting, SMS, display, content
  • We use AI to detect high potential prospects’ interests
  • We seamlessly integrate LinkedIn, Google Analytics, GetQuanty, Eloqua and Marketo to our strategies

Media Agency : MediaDesk

  • We negotiate your digital media buying: Aressy is the first BtoB agency internally integrating a trading media desk. It is for you the guarantee of a relevant targeting and a limited number of intermediates.
  • We accompany your visibility, acquisition and nurturing strategies.
  • (Awareness, Augmented Inbound, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Lead Generation)
  • We generate leads, with a quantitative or qualitative approach: suspected lead to BANT lead.
  • We associate data (1st, 2nd, 3rd) to targeting: retargeting, profiles, French Activities Nomenclature, geolocalization, SIRET.
  • Our BtoB and economical press editors partnerships give you access to premium formats (arch, native, video, etc.), including ABM.
  • We optimize your ROI by driving your analytics, Data Studio and KPI.

Social Media + Influence

  • We publish and animate your social networks
  • We identify and engage famous influencers
  • We develop your community, followers, likers
  • Our desk media turns your social platform into media
  • Our paid media approach at the service of your leads generation
  • We train your sales teams as social ambassadors
  • We accelerate the adoption of LinkedIn sales Navigator and good practices of social selling

Why Aressy ?

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    The BtoB experts journalists' environment

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    The In & Out balance

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    The agility of an integrated team

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    ROI oriented

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